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Wedge Grafting

We mainly use Wedge Grafting Tchnique for Guava Fruit Tree. Wedge Grafting is a common propagation technique used by fruit tree cultivators. A fruit tree variety that produces quality, abundant fruit is grafted onto the roots and trunk of a variety that is vigorous and hardy. Grafting is most successful when the rootstock and the desired fruit tree are the same species or genus. Top wedge grafting is one of the most reliable methods used for propagating fruit trees.

wedge grafting

A Grafting Technique in which a rootstock is first decapitated at the portion of the stem where there is active growth, followed by a downward cut (the cleft) through the center of the stem starting from the stub. The scion is prepared with a slanting cut at one side at the base and a similar cut at the opposite side so that the base is wedge- or V-shaped. The base of the scion is inserted into the cleft at the top of the decapitated rootstock. Two small scions may be inserted, one at each side of the rootstock to ensure cambial contact.


  • L49
  • Allahabad Safeda
  • Black Guava
  • K-G-1
  • Pant Prabhat
  • Hissar Surkha
  • Hissar Safeda
  • Lalit


  • Langra
  • Chausa
  • Bombay Green
  • Baramasi
  • Swarn Rekha
  • Alphanso
  • Dasheri
  • Amrapali
  • Mallika
  • Kesar
  • Bhatsara
  • Arunima
  • Arunica
  • Ramkela
  • Sensation
  • Totapari


  • Rose Scented
  • Calcuttia
  • Seedless


  • Pallavika Selection-2
  • Pant Lemon-1
  • Eureka

pallavika papaya

  • Pallavika Papaya-1


  • Cricket Ball

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